We help small businesses grow by using the latest Digital solutions, trends, and technologies.

Workshops, Training and Seminars

We provide technical education for developers and strategic education for decision makers. Our courses are extremely in-depth and include strategic and ethical considerations. Decision makers, public servants, activists and anyone who needs to make decisions based on how technology will develop in the next 20 years can hire us to provide in-depth workshops

Blockchain Applications Development

We work with clients to conceptualize and explore various blockchain use cases in addition to helping them develop cutting-edge blockchain technology applications

ICO Consulting & Investment

Whether it’s to develop a go-to-market plan for your ICO, various strategies for ICOs, connecting ICOs to potential investors, or developing your Whitepaper; FutureView Tech is your trusted partner in meeting your ICO goals. In addition, we invest in women and youth-led, high potential tech startups who have a vision to change the African continent.

Blockchain Marketing and Community Building

With many years’ experience in digital marketing, brand design, brand building, content creation, social media and community building, we ensure that your pre and/or post ICO goals are exceeded.

ICO & Social Media Marketing

We help you create and manage your own ICO platform through a configurable BlockChain Governance System.

Web/Mobile Development

We offer a wide-range of technical solutions for building your website and mobile applications.

Content Marketing

Content has the power to influence buyers. We are passionate about creating relevant and engaging content.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer a structured approach for doing SEO Audit followed by On Page and Off Page SEO and Paid Media mechanisms

Marketplace Management

We set-up stores on the entire digital marketplace like Amazon, eBay, iStore, Google App Store etc

Digital Consultancy

Creating and executing digital strategy is our core strength and this includes prioritizing your strategic objectives through the Future View Tech digital ecosystem.